Announcing the launch of “JTrust Coin” a unique from of currencies

  1. Utilizing the best of Blockchain technology.
  2. Redeemable in Gold, value driven by real assets. i.e. Energy enterprise activities, Rare and Precious Metals, etc.
  3. Universal Debit Card system will allow access to funds on a limited withdrawal basis providing liquidity. 

The Technology team is currently developing the currency known as JTrustCoin

The Trust is funded by investment capital, income derived from private enterprise activity, Charitable contribution as well as grants.

The Trust also distributes a portion of its net income for worthwhile causes.

Trust management is governed by a select Board of Trustees.


In The News!

January 19, 2019 in Florida at the
North American Cryptocurrency Conference

Establishment of a currency that is based on real assets, righteous principals and governed by wise counsel.

Currency, goods, services, and property will be available to exchange for acquiring of other assets. 

JTrustCoin will be traded on established trading platforms and is redeemable in cash equivalent of gold.

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